Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Basics of Recruiting Top Tier Performers

    • Recruiting Competency Model: What it takes to be a talent advisor and career consultant

    • The Hiring Manager's Critical Role in Recruiting Top Talent

    • Sell the Discussion Before Selling the Job

    • Closing Starts on First Contact

    • Overcoming Mid-funnel Concerns and Objections

    • Instant Scripts for Overcoming 30+ Common Concerns

  • 2

    Closing and Negotiating Offers

    • Never Make Offers That Aren't Accepted - Test Everything

    • Negotiating Offers on Career Growth vs. Compensation Maximization

    • Job Offer - Candidate Offer Comparison and Decision-Making Process Worksheet

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5 star rating

Good to know and will always be kept in mind

Herve Tshibola

5 star rating

Really solid fundimentals

Michelle Esparza

This course is fundimental to recruiting the best.

This course is fundimental to recruiting the best.

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What You'll Learn

Recruiting people with multiple opportunities involves providing specific evidence that your role puts the person on a stronger career trajectory than other opportunities being considered.

  • Learn why you don't need to offer the biggest compensation package if your job offers the best career move.

  • Find out how to get your hiring managers fully engaged to keep your best candidates fully interested.

  • Discover how to test offers to ensure 100% acceptance.

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