Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started: The Phone Screen and Resources

    • Conducting the Exploratory Phone Screen

    • Completing the Phone Screen Talent Scorecard

    • The Win-Win Hiring Mobile Digital Application

    • Instant Access: Mobile Application

    • Resources: Interview Guides and Scorecards

  • 2

    Conducting the Performance-based Interview

  • 3

    Making an Objective Assessment

    • 10 Tips for Controlling Bias and Increasing Assessment Accuracy

    • Completing the Quality of Hire Talent Scorecard

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5 star rating

Hiring for performance

Teresa Winfrey

5 star rating

Performance Based Hiring Rules of the Road

Teresa Winfrey

Great Training Plus Great Resources

Learn how to conduct an objective performance-based interview to accurately predict on-the-job performance, team skills, cultural fit and potential.

  • Resources include scripted interview guides and talent scorecards.

  • Lessons and quizzes describe how to conduct video phone screens and onsite interviews.

  • Includes 10 tips on how to eliminate interview bias and increase objectivity.

  • Use the talent scorecards to measure and predict quality of hire.


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