Course curriculum

  • 1

    Sourcing Semi-Finalists Case Study

    • Free Preview: Sourcing and Recruiting Semi-finalists in One Step

    • Recruiting Competency Model: What it takes to be a talent advisor and career consultant

    • Use Career Zone Analysis to Develop a Sourcing Plan

    • Resources: 1) Candidate Persona to identify semi-finalists. 2) Clever Boolean Cheat Sheet.

    • Using Clever Boolean and LinkedIn Recruiter to Source Semi-finalists

    • Prepare Compelling Messages to Increase Response Rates

    • Use Applicant Control to Recruit the Strongest Prospects

    • Closing Starts On First Contact

Pricing Options

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The Big Topics

In this course users will learn how to quickly source 15-20 semi-finalists for any role. Semi-finalists are candidates who have been recognized for doing outstanding work in the field of interest and who would see the role as a career move.

  • Semi-finalists are those in the top 25% of their peer group. Hiring managers will want to see these people and if the role is a possible career move, they'll more likely to respond to your messages.

  • By prequalifying candidates you'll be able to spend more time with fewer people, get more referrals and improve quality of hire. As important, you'll be able to do this at no increase in cost/hire or time to fill.

  • LinkedIn Recruiter's advanced filters in combination with Clever Boolean allows a hiring manager, sourcer or recruiter to identify some remarkable people in just a few hours.