Diversity Hiring by Design for Hiring Managers

Learning how to conduct an objective interview starts by exposing bias at its source. This includes how job descriptions are written, how hiring managers make yes/no decisions and what HR leaders must do to ensure every candidate is accurately and fairly assessed.

  • 1

    Attracting Outstanding Diverse Talent Requires a Bias-free Hiring Process and a New Mindset

  • 2

    Sharing Evidence is the Key to Exposing Bias at Its Source

    • Conducting the Performance-based Interview

    • Conducting the Exploratory Phone Screen

    • How Sherlock Holmes Can Help Assess Team and Technical Skills with Unbiased Accuracy

    • Completing the Phone Screen Talent Scorecard

    • Completing the Quality of Hire Talent Scorecard

    • Resources: Interview Guides and Scorecards

    • Summary and Final Exam

Let's Do This

The reward and impact of building a diverse of very talented people is far greater than the effort required to do it.

The Reward and Impact

"Diversity Hiring by Design" is more than talk. In this course hiring managers will understand what they need to do to build a diverse team of remarkable people without compromising performance, potential, ability or fit. It starts by understanding where the biases exist and then eliminating them step-by-step.

  • Define success as a series of performance objectives, not a list of skills.

  • Assess every candidate's past performance doing the work that needs to be done.

  • Share your evidence openly to separate insight from emotions.

  • Reprogram yourself by bringing your unconscious biases to the conscious level.

ROI Options

Our pricing options are designed for hiring managers who are committed to hiring outstanding diverse teams. Contact us directly if you want to implement this goal companywide.