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High Touch Sourcing and Recruiting

By spending more time with fewer candidates, especially semi-finalists, you'll be able to improve quality of hire and be more productive while reducing cost per hire and time-to-fill.

  • You need only 15-20 semi-finalists to make one great hire. Prequalifying candidates using the techniques in this course results in more interested candidates, more referrals and better hires.

  • Semi-finalists are those in the top 25% of their peer group. Hiring managers will always agree to see these people AND if the job seems worthy, they'll will respond more positively to your messages..

  • The key to hiring more top 25% prospects is offering the best career trajectory, not the biggest comp package. Making this convincing case starts on first contact.

  • All of these sourcing and recruiting points are covered step-by-step in this course.